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My August Skoshbox came! Woooooo!

Basically Skoshbox is a subscription mail order service which sends a collection of Japanese snacks to you every month. So, I do live in an area where there are a good variety of well-stocked Asian supermarkets, but sometimes the candy aisle still looks fairly daunting. I’m always curious about some of the other candy and snack offerings, but i’m never sure which snacks to get besides the standard Pocky and Hi-Chew. I was hoping that Skoshbox would give me a great variety of snacks to choose from, and then maybe I could find a new favorite Japanese snack.

So far, I’m extremely impressed with the variety of snacks in the box. Both savory and sweet are well represented, and they even packed in a pair of chopsticks, which I thought was a nice touch.

The included card lists all of items in the box, explains what they are, and also lists ingredients. Perfect for people with food allergies/sensitivities! I’m looking forward to utilizing my rusty hiragana and kanji skillz in order to figure out which snack is which, but for people who can’t read Japanese, Skoshbox does have a page which lists the current box on their website. Super helpful!

Skoshbox is $12 per month. I’ll most likely post short reviews of each snack as I work through the box.